Introducing Votacall's VM 2 Text App

Posted by Andrew DeAngelis - 14 May, 2015

10-tips-for-deploying-a-hosted-voip-phone-system.jpgThese days, everyone has a cellphone. We text, talk, and check social media, but we rarely check our voicemails. The VM 2 Text App is here to make voicemail useful again by providing simple, at a glance “Any Scenario” access to your voicemails.

Here’s everything you need to know about the VM 2 Text App:

“Any Scenario”

Whether you’re away from your desk, driving, or simply can’t step out of a meeting, Votacall VM 2 Text will address any important messages you may not be able to access at a certain time. Don’t be that person on the phone – let VM 2 Text take care of it!

Simple UC App

Unified Communication features must be simple, but powerful. Making things simple makes them more useful. The Votacall VM 2 Text App has the perfect combination of power and simplicity to make staying connected more than possible.

How it works

The VM 2 Text App transcribes voicemails and sends them as a text to the destination of your choice. You can send the message to another mobile phone, mobile device, or even an email address. You can also choose a combination or all of the delivery options at no added cost, making it easier than ever to make your voicemail useful again.

Powerful Functionality

We made things even simpler for you by adding functionality to our app. People fall into 1 of 4 categories when it comes to leaving voicemails. The majority fall into the Clear and Concise category, basically meaning our messages are short and to the point and can be easily transcribed. The other 3 types are The Mumble Messenger, The Speed Demon, and The Message Whisperer – the names speak for themselves. Our service simplifies these types of messages by sending a transcribed message along with the audio version for simple playback.

During Travel

If you’re traveling, VM 2 Text will keep you connected with a simple click. Every VM 2 Text message includes Caller ID info as a “Hot Link” for Click to Dial functionality. You’ll never have to worry about writing something down, or memorizing a phone number – just read it and click!

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