Votacall and Virtual Technology

Posted by Andrew DeAngelis - 19 May, 2011

As a child, I was obsessed with movies and as I look back, I truly feel like the 80's was the golden age of mass appeal cinema. Movies spoke to adults and children alike and major themes were, the future, technology, innovation etc. which was driven by consumerism and the baby boomers. In most instances, when entertainment tried to predict or wow with future technology, they used the potential behind the termVirtual to deliver their futuristic message. Think of a hologram being projected from another location delivering crucial information to a group and the term Virtual always being present. Flash forward to the future, our present day and you could say that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg had it right, sort of. Today, the masses use something virtual everyday. When you are making a call from your home, you are a virtual user on someones platform. When one accesses information not locally stored at their place of business, you are accessing information virtually. The list goes on and on. We cannot see our technology today, we cannot touch it, but we know it exists because we use it everyday. The rise of Data Centers, VoIP, high bandwidth at a low price has yielded great innovation and will continue to virtualize the consumer experience/enhance the consumer experience. We as a society have taken these innovations and have become more efficient, productive and flexible. That is the end result of true innovation. I see this everyday as we present, implement and support our Votacall Platform. We deliver cutting edge technology virtually and as we layer more applications on our virtual platform, our customers will become stronger. That is the Votacall mission. Now, that the virtual world from my youth has become a reality, I really need the flying car to hit the market, so I dont have to deal with the traffic getting in and out of Boston everyday.

Andy DeAngelis

Vice President of Sales

All Business Communications

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