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4 Big Money Benefits of Hosted VoIP for the Finance Industry

Andy DeAngelis
January 29, 2016

the-benefits-of-hosted-voip-for-the-finance-industryIn every industry, businesses of all sizes – from start-ups to enterprises – are reaping the bottom-line benefits of a hosted VoIP phone system.

However, there are some industries in particular where the VoIP advantages are especially impressive and, in some cases, vital for long-term growth and success.

A perfect example is the finance industry, which in recent years has undergone (and is continuing to experience) transformational disruptive shifts driven by regulatory changes, marketplace dynamics, technology-led products and solutions, and of course, emerging customer demands and trends.

Below, we highlight 4 key benefits of hosted VoIP for the growing and changing finance industry:

How Hosted VoIP is Transforming the Finance Industry

1. Cost Effectiveness

With so much industry disruption, businesses in the finance industry are more focused than ever on being efficient – so they can re-invest capital to enhance the products and services, and fortify their competitive advantages. A hosted VoIP phone system aligns perfectly with this lean objective because the up-front costs are minimal, and there are no ongoing maintenance or system upgrade costs.

2. Enhanced Mobility

Today’s financial industry professionals do not sit at their desks all day. Rather, they are constantly on-the-move – either within the office to connect with colleagues or attend meetings, or outside of the office seeing clients, visiting partners, attending conferences, and so on. A hosted VoIP phone system is fundamentally designed to support a mobile workforce, and reliably keep them connected anytime, anywhere.  

3. Client Service

Creating and cultivating strong client relationships is important in every field – but it is absolutely critical in the financial industry, where “bad client service” can outright terminate a relationship; or at least, severely damage it for the foreseeable future.

A hosted VoIP phone system promotes effective and efficient client service by more rapidly connecting clients vs. placing them on hold. What’s more, financial industry professionals can use a hosted VoIP system’s “one-number-service” feature to direct all calls to their cell phone or even a landline, and they can set-up a video or web call to virtually engage clients ‘face to face’ from anywhere in the world.

4. Regulatory Notifications

The financial industry has very strict requirements and regulations, including those that govern issues that clients may be calling about (e.g. making a change to their portfolio, etc.). A hosted VoIP system can be easily programmed with messages that convey this essential compliance information to clients.  

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