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The Importance of Prompt Hosted VoIP Support

December 29, 2016

the-importance-of-prompt-hosted-voip-supportWhen choosing the right hosted VoIP phone system vendor, obviously businesses need to focus on key Hosted VoIP features. These aspects typically include the technology offering, infrastructure, qualify, flexibility, versatility, scalability, reliability and of course, position and TCO.

However, there is another aspect that must also be a core consideration, because it will directly determine whether the investment is rewarding or regrettable: accessing prompt hosted VoIP support.

Indeed, just as with other sophisticated business services, some vendors categorically out-perform others when it comes to offering prompt support.

This is because there is not just one type or kind of vendor – there are actually three types. 

How the 3 Hosted VoIP Vendors Provide Support

Mass Market Vendors 

The first type can be called “mass market” vendors. These companies focus primarily on large and enterprise organizations, much the same way large technology companies have an enterprise division. 

While these mass market vendors offer their large customers prompt service (because it is part of a costly professional services agreement), they typically ignore smaller and mid-sized customers, who must open a ticket and then wait several hours or even days for their issue to be addressed.

Complaining about this lack of service is quite pointless, since as noted, mass market vendors earn the bulk of their revenues and profits from large customers. Losing a small customer – or even hundreds of small customers – has no material impact on their bottom line. 

Storefront Vendors 

The second type can be called “storefront” vendors. These are not actually vendors per se. They are essentially resellers, who market and sell VoIP systems and phones. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this (i.e. it is not illegal), without question these storefront vendors cannot offer prompt service – because they do not have in-house experts. At most, they will function as a facilitator between a customer and a technology manufacturer, but even that is not guaranteed. Often, customers are left to fend for themselves.   

Boutique Specialist 

The third type, and the kind in which Votacall proudly leads the way, is what can be called “boutique specialist” vendors. We have a highly knowledgably in-house team of telecommunications experts, who have an average of 10-20 years of proven experience.

Yet at the same time, we treat every customer with the same level of focus and dedication – whether their hosted VoIP system is supporting 10 employees, or 5000. In other words, we are big enough to provide prompt and thorough hosted VoIP support, yet small enough to care for ALL of our customers - and not just the largest ones.  

Learn More 

To learn more about our commitment to delivering prompt service – which starts well before we implement a hosted VoIP system in our customers’ environment – contact us today. As always, your consultation is free, and there is never any obligation or risk.

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