Hosted VoIP is Only Half the Equation: Must Have Capable Employees to Sell it

September 18, 2012

9/18/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- I've been working at Votacall for 4 months and have noticed how well the group of employees work together. Most of them are complete opposites while others are similar, but they all have certain tendencies that help us be successful. They are all competitive and have self-motivation that allows them to compete in a highly saturated and competitive telecom industry. The company sells its own Software such as the Unity Desktop Pro and leases or sells hardware from distributors to clients.

Even with a top of the line product set, the employees are necessary to become successful. We have employees who enjoy making sales calls while listening to the Grateful Dead and we have employees who prefer to meet clients face to face. Both different styles, but both remain productive on their own levels. We have an owner who knows the industry better than almost anyone and took the leap off the cliff to be a pioneer with VoIP. Without risk there is no return, he made the necessary choices to put the employees in a position to succeed. In addition, he chose the correct employees to fill quotas and meet the tasks at hand. Our boss in the office has confidence in all employees to get the job done, therefore he does not have to micro-manage. He is able to work on his own projects and be more productive instead of babysitting. On the other hand, he knows he must keep the troops in line every now and then, only when necessary. Again, the balance and vibe in the office is amazing and contagious, meaning employees enjoy being here.

I was told that the work environment was enjoyable and productive. I would agree with that, the employees know they are an important part of the daily operations and are treated as such. A company can have the best and most productive product in the world, but unless they have a group of employees to sell it, they will inevitably fail. Hosted VoIP is the best telecom product on the market and here at Votacall we have the Employees to deliver the Votacall Customer Experience you desire. Just contact us and see for yourself, it can't hurt to try.

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