There Are Many Reasons a Business (Especially SMB) Should Switch to VoIP: Here Are 3 Main Ones

September 19, 2012

9/19/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- There are many reasons a small or medium business (SMB) should switch to VoIP. There are too many to discuss all of them, so we will talk about the top 3:

1) Increased Productivity

The old and traditional premise-based PBX systems cannot match up to the levels of productivity VoIP offers your business.

Involves Several Features

VoIP is offered to the user along with many other features/services. For example, Votacall has the Unity Desktop Pro which is an application that helps on many levels. This intuitive icon based application will increase productivity through simple point and click access in addition to eliminating stress through the simplicity it brings. The features range from secure instant messaging to call control, within the familiar desktop environment. This system will improve work environment collaboration by bringing users closer to one another and ultimately simplifying internal and external communications. This is just one such features among many others, containing a broad list of uses.

Operates Seamlessly

With the traditional PBX System you will get hidden fees and ridiculously high charges for any application or feature that is not within the basic package. With VoIP, the user receives many other features ranging from an Auto-Attendant to Voice-Mail converted in email. All the features are built to increase productivity and allow for your business to operate seamlessly, never having to worry about communications since those are taken care of with Hosted VoIP. In addition, many of these features are included in the basis packages at no extra charge.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications may be the biggest benefit that comes with VoIP. The possibilities of Video Conferencing nowadays are limitless. It allows companies to reduce wasted travel days for an hour meeting and connects the employees with each other. In our Votacall office, sales employees use video conferencing daily to pitch a Telecom system sale. It benefits everyone being able to see the other persons face. You also get Call Control and Unified Messaging (integrated voicemail, E-mail, SMS and Fax) which is essential for daily operations to remain productive.

2) Mobile and Adjustable

VoIP allows employees to be so mobile it ends up changing the way they are able to work and operate. Votacall Fixed Mobile Convergence allows for all of a persons devices to be linked to one phone number. For example, the number is linked to the office phone but when you leave the office to go to a meeting the number travels with you because it switches to your cell phone. It allows you to stay connected no matter where you are. Nowadays, everyone is mobile, and constantly moving, therefore you need a phone system that is designed for just that.

The services are adjustable, meaning you can reduce or add phone lines at any time. There is no need to wait for land lines to be ran or ported because VoIP operates over the internet and is maintained by the Hosted VoIP Provider. A month ago I was asked to move and re-set up a couple phones that were run between the computer and phone lines. Amazingly, I was able to set them up easily and quickly with any trouble. I am by no means a phone technician, so if I was able to do it, anyone can.

3) Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

This may be one of the biggest reasons to switch to VoIP as you significantly reduce your Telecom bill.

Limited Maintenance Costs

With VoIP the provider is the one maintaining the services. Therefore, you do not need to pay regular technician visits because the system should never crash. However, you do pay a small monthly fee for the Managed Service, it remains significantly lower than a $400 dollar technician visit you get charged with an old PBX phone system. This fee covers you for all trouble and is so small you will not even notice it (around $20 a month depending on size of system and how many lines you have).

The maintenance is covered by the provider, meaning you don't need an IT department. This eliminates a department that small businesses could not afford because they have limited resources. The old PBX systems charged high maintenance rates that crippled SMB; large companies hired an IT person to try and eliminate those charges but SMB could not. No IT needed and a small monthly fee for the managed service is almost perfect for SMB. Its basically a perfect match.

Reduced Start-Up Costs

To get VoIP up and running, it does cost and initial investment. However, this investment is far lower than what you must pay to install an old Premise-based system in your offices. The only investment is clear cut and simple. You must pay for the IP telephones that will be used within the office and you must pay for a Hosted VoIP router. The phones are for obvious reasons, while the router is used to connect your phone lines with the providers managed service. This is a one time investment that will have VoIP setup within your office in no time and at a very small price.

Reduced Monthly Phone Bills

VoIP providers allow for companies to purchase only the features and services they desire. Meaning there monthly phone bill will be lower than if they were required to pay for a large package of tools they did not need (this is what old phone systems charge you). This is perfect for SMB because they are able to choose exactly what they need without being forced one way or another.

Ultimately, VoIP Providers charge you a fraction of what other telecom companies charge you. They offer you the same features and manage your system for a sliver of the price you would be paying without VoIP.


After you see all these reasons to switch to VoIP (Especially for SMB), it must be hard not to want to pick up the phone and call. VoIP is guaranteed to improve your companies daily operations and will reduce stress for everyone involved. In addition, it saves you money while giving you better call quality and more options on features/services. Also, the mobility and scalability it offers can be matched by none. VoIP is the best thing in telecom and it is foolish not to invest in it. The benefits can take your company to the next level and reduce your costs allowing for better profits. Ultimatley, VoIP will improve all facets of your company and its communications, allowing for a smoother and better run company.

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