Votacall vFax: Go Green with Cloud Faxing

September 26, 2012

9/26/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- Nowadays you always hear about Global Warming and the need to prevent the Earth's environment from deteriorating further. However, not once did I think my telecommunication system would help achieve that. With Votacvall's Hosted VoIP Platform of features and services, you are able to reduce your paper intake by virtual faxing. The idea is GO GREEN with CLOUD FAXING! Its essentially vfax that uses a virtual network fax solution. This product allows you to send and receive faxes via email, desktop application and right through our easy to use web portal. Another innovative feature from Votacall vFax is that it can be used from any standard web browser (chrome, firefox, internet explorer ext.), allowing fax to come and go from your Apple, Microsoft, and even Linux machines. It allows to send and recieve faxes from any email address and from any PC. In addition, you can view and forward faxes, save faxes as PDF, and save them in folders. The vFax desktop application has local and toll free service, does not include expensive fax lines, never loses a fax and eliminates the hated paper jam.

Once you list all these things together, you really see the benefits of vFax. You save the environment while having better fax services, for me that's a no brain-er decision. Imagine an office work day without having to make 100 trips every hour to the fax machine. Productivity would increase because you can send and receive those faxes directly from your computer. Employees would be far more efficient and could get more work done than ever before. As an owner of a company the options are simple, pay less money for a more productive fax system that so happens to improve the environment, or pay more for an old clunky fax machine that kills efficiency as quickly as it wastes paper.

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