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We Live In a Technology Era: VoIP has allowed businesses to save money while improving overall productivity

October 4, 2012

10/4/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- Some people believe that the world we live in revolves around technology too much. I seem to think the opposite, we use technology to improve the way we are able to live. Yes, some people may use their phones far too much and can barley stand to put them down for a minute, never mind a day. On the other hand, the world has developed into a place where you need a cell phone in case of emergency. When I was younger I would bike over to my friends house across town and see if they wanted to play. Nowadays, young kids have cell phones and can contact each other immediately, we simply live in a different environment this decade.

Last night I was watching American Restoration, a show where they take old things and turn them new again. In this particular episode, a gentleman wanted a 1950's phone booth restore to its natural beauty. The shops owner, Rick, gave him a quote and discussed what he wanted to do with it. The customer stated how he wanted to be able to plug his home phone line into the phone booth and have it operate as it would mid 1900's. The man talked about how people these days lose the touch of true inventions and the history of our country by always having their fingers touching some touch screen or eyes glued on some plasma. Its a whole new generation and lifestyle, where we now have a telecommunication system built off of the internet.

Voice over IP (VoIP) has started a new trend, leaning towards the disposal of old Premise-based IP-PBX phone systems and the adoption of the new VoIP systems. Our lifestyle is much faster than it was half a century ago, we want things to work fast and efficiently. For these reasons, VoIP has caught on among businesses of all sizes. It allows for a level of productivity never reached before by the inferior old phone systems. When combined with its functionality through features from the hosted voip provider, all other phone systems seem insignificant. The voip system has been developed to cater to our everyday wants; fast-paced living with communication from every area. Its a huge change from the past, but that does not necessarily mean its a negative.

It has allowed businesses to save money while improving the overall productivity of company communications. The broad term is Cloud Communications, which adopted the Cloud Computing idea and added communications to it. The phone system operates over the internet and is a Managed Service by the provider. It offers better Mobility, as well as staying reliable and scalable. This is offered while still managing to reduce your overall communication expenses. It has helped business grow by reducing overhead and allowing them to invest the money saved back into the company. It is for all these reasons that I believe technology is not a bad thing, without technology our communication would not be as efficient and would ultimately hurt our economy and the companies around us.

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