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October 3, 2012

10/4/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts–Today I was posting my daily Cloud Computing comic on our Votacall twitter page when I found an interesting picture. It was a comic about a guy who states he could have worked from home during the snowstorm, but he left his login details in his desk drawer. When a company uses the Cloud and Unified Communications they are able to work from anywhere; being able to access their data from any location.

Being a massachusetts hosted voip provider we have to deal with the New England weather. Anyone who has experienced a winter here understand how difficult it can be to get to work some days. This causes companies to lose days of productivity because the roads are impassible for employees. However, if your company works on a Cloud network and is able to allow employees to access company files from home, then there will be no work stoppage because of weather. Not only are you saving a days work, but you are cutting costs at the same time by using VoIP; which has very low usage rates. Think of all the positives of being able to work from home, no commute (working for a boston voip provider, I sit in 4 hours of traffic a day), no shoveling or scraping car, save in gas expense, reduce mileage on car and you're able to work right out of bed. The bonuses are incredible, with video offerings by Unified Communication providers, companies can hold meeting with all employees even if some individuals do not work in that office. This video conferencing is interactive and gives the employees (those not at the meeting) a real grasp of what is being discussed and the plan to move forward. In our office, the sales head Andy Deangelis will conduct a meeting with the owner on the phone via conferencing. He was able to hear all the chatter around the room without employees having to speak up or dictate their ideas directly to him. It was as simple as having him sitting in a chair next to me.

Recently I have read many articles about companies switching to remote employees (Employees working from home). They are doing this to reduce costs and improve the world by reducing their companies carbon footprint. You may ask how this helps the environment? No gas is needed to get them to work, simply walk into your house office and you're at work. In addition, there is no need to power, heat and light a big office because everyone is at their house. The opportunities to improve the environment are huge and help your company as well.

VoIP is mobile and has the ability to offer many remote workers phones. Currently we have a customer that has 10 remote workers and an office site, we seamlessly provide them communication features and have heard zero complaints. Studies have been done saying employees productivity improves when they work from home. It is less stressful for them and they are able to eliminate the lost time spent commuting to and from work. So far we have a benefit to the environment, as well as better productivity from employees.

If that was not good enough, VoIP is way cheaper than its counterpart, the premise-based PBX system. It eliminates the need for IT departments and has a small monthly fee for the Managed Service. Theres no hidden maintenance fee or yearly rate that is hidden in fine print. With VoIP, you pay for exactly what you need, no package deals that force you to pay for features/services you do not need or use. This pay as you go package allows you to reduce or add the number of phone lines needed without hassle or expense. VoIP has so many benefits, it is impossible to list them all. The positives have a broad range of affects, from the environment, expenses, and productivity...Essentially choose VoIP and you will win, join the trend before its too late! You will love the Votacall Customer Experience!

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