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VoIP Introduces Disaster Recovery to Communication Systems

October 31, 2012

10/25/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- Over the past few days, the North East has been affected by Hurricane Sandy. People have lost lives and billions of dollars of damage has happened. Even at our company, we worked remotely on Monday because the fear and danger of travel was not worth risking. However, just because we worked form our homes does not mean we were productive. Because we have a VoIP system, our employees were able to transfer their office phone numbers to their mobile devices. This allows for no call to be missed during a bad weather day where you cannot make it to the office.

This features is possible because of the Mobility offered through Hosted VoIP. Votacall Fixed Mobile Convergence is our companies name for this service,m allowing for all devices, mobile and desktop, to be connected no matter where the employee is. Living in New England, we all know that weather can be unpredictable and dangerous, meaning sometimes there is no chance for people to commute to work. When this is the case, offices must close and bosses instruct employees to work remotely. However, without a mobile phone system there is a limited amount of work possible they can accomplish. This is one huge benefit of VoIP during disaster, but is not the only one.

Disaster recovery is very critical to companies and voip helps them recover from dire situations. If a company's phone system goes down during a storm, they could be without telephone services for quite a while. This is because the premise-based phone system rely on telephone wires to deliver service. We all know that during a storm such as Sandy, winds can reach upwards of 70 miles per hour and inevitably cause tress to fall on power/telephone lines; eliminating electricity and phone service. With VoIP, the phone services travel via the internet, utilizing no wires and eliminating the risk of telephone lines collapsing during storms and disasters. Basically, voip protects your company from needing disaster relief because it prevents it from the beginning. Eliminating the worry about losing phone service can create a stress free environment for bosses, owners and managers. When the roads are to dangerous to travel on, the mobility offered by voip can guarantee your employees can be productive from any location.

In the long run, voip will prevent any telephone service failures during storms and will allow your employees to remain productive while working remotely. These are very important things to companies because if employees could not be productive from home, then the company would lose many hours of lost work. With a storm as powerful and large as Sandy, some companies lost telephone service for multiple days, which also leads to lost hours of work. Unless your company is so successful that you can afford to lose multiple days of work and can operate without a phone system during a long period of time, then Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP) is right for you. It creates a peace of mind not found with any other phone system, relieving stress and anxiety over such a critical element of business. Ultimately, Hosted VoIP is a superior system than old phone systems and allows your company to be more mobile and efficient, even during disasters and storms. Once you use a voip system, communications will become much smoother and will work seamlessly into your companies day to day operations.

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