3 Ways A VoIP Call Center Solution Makes Life Easier For Your Reps

Andy DeAngelis
October 25, 2019

If you're running a support call center, you're likely dealing with a high volume of inbound calls on a daily basis. Your support team is the go-to resource for customers that have questions, which range from basic billing inquiries to more in-depth product related questions.

To keep customers happy, reps need to make sure they're handling customer issues effectively and quickly. Many common support KPIs relate to speed - the faster a rep can effectively address a ticket, the shorter the wait is for the next customer in queue.

That why customer support jobs are among the most fast-paced, challenging roles within a business. It's also why support managers and call center admins should take steps to make sure that the role isn't any harder than it needs to be.

So how does VoIP call center technology help?

Support reps that don't have the right tools can spend a lot of time doing busywork. If a rep needs to look up the profile of every customer they speak to, that time can add up pretty quickly. Not to mention, customers don't want to spend time relaying basic information or repeating their issues to multiple people.

Without access to metrics or recorded calls, it can also be difficult for reps to measure and improve their performance. Tracking data on resolution times and coaching reps on how to handle support tickets are both important processes for modern support teams.

By using a VoIP call center solution, support leaders not only improve the overall reliability and flexibility of their call center - they make reps' lives easier by eliminating redundant processes and providing performance insights.

Here are 3 day-one benefits of migrating your call center to the cloud.

CRM/Support Software Integration

This one can be a game-changer for both your reps and customers. When your phone system integrates with your CRM or support software, it automatically finds and displays customer records by recognizing the number that's calling. This eliminates the dreaded process of searching for customer records, which means support reps can begin troubleshooting and creating resolutions faster.

These integrations also allow your reps to quickly add notes to a caller's profile during a conversation, which helps keep more detailed records and potentially create faster resolutions for customers that call in multiple times.

Call Recordings

For any support rep to improve, they need to be able to listen to and learn from mistakes. VoIP call center solutions offer call recording portals that reps can access online with a simple login.

This can be especially helpful when it comes to training new reps, because support managers can play calls back to them and point out areas they can work on. Providing this kind of hands-on training can help ramp reps up more quickly, which your customers benefit from.

Support leaders can also use call recordings to establish best-practices across their teams. For example, if a rep consistently posts low resolution times and high satisfaction scores, a support manager can use their call recordings to provide insights on what's working to the rest of their reps.

Real-Time Data

VoIP call center systems also provide visibility into KPIs. Support teams can set up dashboards that not only provide overall metrics, but also let individual reps see how they're performing on a given day.

If a rep notices that their handle times are high, for example, they can reach out to their manager to ask questions and receive coaching. By improving their own performance and lowering the time it takes to create resolutions, they're helping the entire call center run more smoothly.

Conversely, if a rep has low handle times but also has a lower CSAT score, they may be too quick to "address" customer issues and get them off the phone before they're comfortable. To create great experiences, reps need to balance speed with the ability to create thorough resolutions.

To Wrap-Up

For support call centers to run smoothly, managers need to make life as easy as possible for their reps. By providing the right call center tools, managers allow their reps to spend less time on redundant activities and more time creating resolutions. They also create an environment that enables reps to proactively improve their performance.

When support leaders make things easier on reps, customers can feel the difference.

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