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Benefits of a Mobile Workforce with Cloud Computing

October 9, 2014


Mobility has been around for a while now, with an increasing number of people carrying smartphones at all times, and the slightly more portable tablets starting to take the place of laptops. Cloud-based applications has made it possible for business owners, managers, and employees to stay in touch with their co-workers or clients even while out of the office. Small businesses in particular are benefiting from a mobile workforce, making it possible to compete against larger businesses with bigger budgets to spend on technology and marketing. Even if you haven’t deployed a specific mobile device policy within your organization or created a mobile workforce, chances are your employees are already bringing their smartphones and tablets to work and using them to get their jobs done more efficiently. If you have been dragging your feet or hesitant to create a mobile workforce with cloud computing, here are several benefits of mobility you are missing out on:

Improved Collaboration

Having access to your email and calendar when you’re out of the office helps your team collaborate better. People no longer need to log into their desktop computers each day to check email, schedule or reschedule appointments, access up to date sales information or record their expenses. They can do all of this in real-time with mobile access.

Mobility is especially important for sales people. They need to be out on the road, meeting with potential clients and catching up with existing customers. Having mobile access allows them to be where they need to be to grow the business and increase revenue, while still collaborating with the rest of the office team.

Improved Staff Interaction

People who are working in the office can see updates from those employees who are not at their desks, and it eliminates having out of date information that slows down the process and also eliminates the need to wait for employees to return to the office to update records and files. Your CRM system can be updated from anywhere your employees have internet access, ensuring everyone on the team has access to the latest information and making it possible to provide even better customer service.

Increased Revenues

Many of your employees are already bringing their smartphones and tablets to work with them, you may as well take advantage of it. Use cloud computing to create improved mobile access to data and applications in the office, and your team will become more efficient and productive which translates to increased revenues. Because most people have and prefer to use their own mobile devices, it doesn’t cost you a fortune to set up a mobile environment, either.



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