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BYOD: Benefits and Risks

November 19, 2014


What is BYOD? BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device, and it refers to companies allowing their employees to bring in their own personal electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. The company then allows them to utilize their personal items for work purposes. On the surface this looks like it might be a great idea, but it is not without problems or risks. The business owner doesn't have to spend money on company mobile devices and the employee has the comfort of using their own device. Here are some not-so-obvious benefits and risks to allowing BYOD in the work place.

Security Concerns of BYOD

By letting employees bring their own devices to work it is imperative that you have security measures in place in the event that you should have to terminate that employee or worse... if the employee has unsavory motives. Many times, companies invest in mobile device management (MDM) applications to help mitigate this risk. Votacall Anywhere is a comprehensive mobility solution that offers a positive end-user experience through unified communications while mitigating the risks to your organization.

Employee Morale

Companies consistently report that when they have allowed employees to bring their own devices, their productivity is higher and sustained. They also experience an increase in overall happiness and morale. This is a major plus considering that your office employees likely spend a significant amount of time together during the course of a 40 hour work week.

Security for Both Your Company and Employees

By utilizing a MDM you may be able to offer your employees some degree of relief by assuring them that the security measures keeps their personal data from work data. As a business owner, using a mobility solution can prevent the loss of confidential company data should an employee quit or get fired, or lose their mobile device.

There are great cost benefits to allowing BYOD in the work place. Users are more likely to treat the computer or device well, since at the end of the day it is still theirs. Companies allowing their employees to bring their own devices are contributing to a growing business trend. Contact Votacall if you want more information about BYOD solutions, including Votacall Anywhere.

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