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May the Cloud be with You

May 30, 2013


5/30/2013- Votacall Hosted VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts-Who knew that Obi-Wan kenobi was the first to adopt Cloud Technology? I realized this while watching Star Wars with my daughter this past weekend. The specific scene I am referencing was when Obi-Wan tells Darth Vader that if he strikes him down he will become more powerful. When I was a child, that made zero sense to me since he didn't seem more powerful. Actually, to me, he actually looked weaker . At the time, in my head, he was reduced to a transparent spirit that could not physically impact the outcome of a situation. As a kid, I had dreams of Obi-Wan releasing the Kraken (different movie, but still amazing…the original of course) the moment Darth Vader struck him down. However, this was not true. But then it occurred to me, Obi-Wan and the rebels were benefiting from the (4) benefits & advantages of the Cloud. Luckily for you, I am a Star Wars geek , and will lead you through this step by step, until you witness the true strength of the Cloud.

Mobility: This is an easy area to start, Obi-Wan just appeared when required to advise Luke Skywalker. He could simply be where he needed to be on-time, without needing a ride from someone. Remove this Cloud technology, and he never would have found Luke near-death in the middle of a blizzard on Hoth. Therefore, he would not be able to inform him that he should go to the Degobah System to visit Yoda to further his training. If Luke did not get that message through, it would be game over…the rebel enemies are out of business and nobody would get introduced to Yoda; which would have been a pop culture tragedy.

Redundancy: No matter what was happening onsite, Obi-Wan was not affected. The blizzard scene on Hoth, Luke was near death, Ton Ton’s were freezing to death (literally) and yet Obi-Wan still casually shows up in his cloak unaffected by the harsh conditions. He effectively gets his message across and pushes on to other business. If Obi-Wan were an on-premise phone system, he would have been frozen as an icicle, not to mention the fact that Han would have been unable to prevent both Obi-Wan and Luke from freezing to death (there was only enough space in frozen Ton Ton for one individual and the long term ramifications of Han’s choice definitely would have caused a major disruption in the force).

Investment Protection: Obi-Wan no longer ages in the Cloud and he is constantly on his best game. He has no need to worry about Doctor’s appointments, physicals or any of the usual signs and costly problems with becoming older. He continues to be Obi-Wan. Building upon his mind, without his physical body getting in the way.

Scalability: Obi-Wan could get larger without the need of additional hardware…okay, so the Scalability Advantage does not apply, but you can see how 3 of the 4 Cloud Advantages make Obi-Wan stronger and lead to them overtaking the Empire. If you removed the Cloud, the Empire would have undoubtedly dominated the universe and who knows where we would be today if that had became true. May the Cloud be with You.

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