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How Does a PBX Phone System Work?

November 20, 2018

How Does a PBX Phone System Work?Businesses have been using PBX phone systems for decades. In fact, if you’ve worked in an office/corporate setting at any point during the past thirty years, then it’s almost a guarantee you’ve encountered a PBX phone system before. But how does a PBX phone system work? In plain terms, a PBX phone system acts as a network to connect employees with each other and with the outside world. Rather than shelling out for an individual phone line for each individual team member, business owners can invest in a PBX system to eliminate internal costs like calls between team members and long-distance calls.

Types of PBX Phone Systems

At first glance, one might assume that all PBX systems are the same –– since they all do perform the same elementary functions. Yet, there are a few different types of PBX models, and how they operate affects cost-efficiency, user experience, and –– ultimately –– productivity. The three main varieties of PBX phone systems are:

  1. Analog –– which utilizes copper wiring and traditional telephony methods.

  2. On-Premise IP –– which requires on-site hardware and maintenance. 

  3. Hosted or “Virtual” –– which uses software to set up the network.

How to Get the Most from a PBX System

PBX phone systems are an investment that business owners need to prioritize. Indeed, making the wrong purchase decision in regard to a phone system could affect customer service, sales, and ROI. With that in mind, here are a few things worth noting about PBX systems –– and how you can leverage their tech to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. First, basic PBX features include the ability to transfer calls, voicemail, call waiting, etc. More advanced features like hunt groups and internet connectivity through, perform best when paired with On-Premise and Hosted PBX systems. In addition, Hosted systems boast a number of additional features that more rudimentary models can’t offer, such as voicemail-to-email security, remote connectivity, and voice recognition technology.

PBX Expenses & Customer Experience

Experienced business owners understand that the bottom line takes precedent. In terms of PBX choices, analog installation is both costly and inefficient. What’s more, both analog and On-Premise PBX systems rely on complicated hardware and outdated methodology. Only Hosted PBX systems are easy to install and troubleshoot while also remaining cost-efficient. Plus, when you partner with a business like Votacall, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive 24/7 IT support. So if something does go wrong, you can always access a helpful pro ASAP!

Final Thoughts

A PBX phone system is a necessity for businesses that rely on over-the-phone interactions with customers. Put simply, this tech upgrade will help you organize your team, cut down on expenses, and improve overall productivity. If your company is ready to take the next step, then contact Votacall today. We know how to find elegant, scalable communications solutions for businesses across industries. Plus, to get an in-depth look at how VoIP PBX technology will ensure ROI check out our free eBook here:

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