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How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in a Cloud Phone System

February 12, 2016

how-to-convince-your-boss-to-invest-in-a-cloud-phone-systemYou've done the research, seen the numbers, browsed the features, watched the videos, experienced the demos and spoken with your counterparts in other businesses – and your conclusion is clear: a cloud phone system is easily the best way for your business to “get more for less”.

And it's also the best way for you to boost your career (employees who help their employers save tens of thousands of dollars each year enjoy speaking about this achievement in performance reviews!).

But, before you start reaping the rewards, there's one last challenge: to convince your boss that investing in a cloud phone solution is the smart thing to do.

Getting the Cloud Phone Buy-In from Your Boss

Fortunately, help is at hand! Below, we highlight the 6 ways you can go from hearing your boss say: “Do we really need a cloud phone system at the current time?” to “OK I’m sold -- we need a cloud phone system ASAP!

1. Cost Savings

Start by telling your boss that the cost savings of switching to a cloud phone system is both measurable and massive. Explain that there are no maintenance costs, no upgrade fees, and no hardware to purchase, install or service. In our experience, it is not uncommon for businesses to save 50 percent compared to their traditional phone system.

And just when your boss is giving you that impressed look (the one that says: OK, you have my attention), spring these two pleasant cost saving facts: with a cloud phone system there are never any long distance fees, and with web/video conferencing features staff travel costs can be significantly reduced -- if not in some cases completely eliminated.

2. Scalability

Nobody has a crystal ball, but everyone knows that change is not merely possible: it is inevitable. And in the context of workforce planning, this change means that within a few months – or possibly within a few weeks – your business may need 50 additional lines or extensions, or might have 50 too many.

Tell your boss that a cloud phone system is designed for scalability, because adding or removing lines or extensions is extremely cost-effective and can done in a matter of seconds. So no matter what the future holds – expansion or contraction -- your phone system will be in total alignment.

3. Productivity

While the cost savings and scalability of a cloud phone system will probably have your boss leaning heavily towards saying “let’s do it”, you are on a roll so keep going by highlighting the productivity advantages. 

Specifically, highlight that the advanced calling features offered by a cloud phone system will help employees more easily and efficiently connect with each other, and with customers.

And if you have remote workers on your team – or just colleagues who spend time on the road meeting with customers, on job sites and so on – be sure to mention that a cloud phone system is ideal. Team members simply install an app on their smartphone and have full access to the cloud phone system’s features – just as if they were at head office.

4. Constant Innovation

Communications technology is constantly advancing – which is ironically a source of frustration for businesses with traditional phone systems, because they do not have access to these innovations. Only new customers do. Existing customers are denied these improvements because there is no need to try and sell them anything: they are already sold.

However, you can tell your boss that with a cloud phone system, your business will always be on the leading edge, since ongoing access to the “latest and greatest” features is standard for ALL customers – not just new ones.

5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Let you boss know that a cloud phone system has multiple levels of disaster recovery that ensures business continuity in the event of local power outage, natural disaster, malware attack, and other incident. So while competitors with on-site PBX (i.e. old fashioned) systems will be unable to make a call or connect with customers, your system will be online, operational and fully accessible from anywhere in the world.

6. Total Control

And last but not least, wrap up your winning pitch by informing your boss that a cloud phone system gives businesses total control via an intuitive, easy-to-use web dashboard that is accessible anytime and from anywhere. Your boss can track usage, set restrictions, activate or deactivate features, and the list goes on.

Learn More

If you are convinced that your business needs a cloud phone system and need some help to make your boss think the same way, then the above will help you make a very solid case.

Or even better, contact the experts at Votacall today. We will work with you to put together a customized proposal – and can even co-deliver a presentation with you if you wish – that will have your boss saying: “OK, I’m sold -- we need a cloud phone system ASAP!

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