At Votacall We Treat Our Customers Like Family: Delivering Great Prices and Best Quality VoIP Possible

September 20, 2012

9/20/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- There's something to be said for being a local phone company. Our company Votacall is a Massachusetts Hosted VoIP Provider. Because of our location in Boston, we are able to offer the most competitive prices to our surrounding counties. For example, we were able ti highly discount a customers site install because it was being bidded on by several other companies. The ability for us to be able to compete locally is key.

We have sites all over the country and manage to be competitive everywhere. However, the majority of our customers are within the Massachusetts region. It gives us an advantage over the other competitors because a site install will take us one day. As oppose to a non Boston Hosted VoIP Provider who would need to travel and could take a week for an instal to be competed. Not only do we save ourselves time by having many local users, we save the customer money by offering competitive prices.

We are not like most companies who have low prices, we still manage to consistently offer the Votacall Customer Experience expected by users. By no means do we sacrificed the product simply because we offer competitive pricing through our region of New England. The location allows us to be cheaper than most and we honor our commitment to customers by delivering the same services/products any other user receives. VoIP is generally the same price for every region so it does not matter to much. However, when it comes to our IP office phones, we are able to be more competitive because it is our local technicians doing the install.

More times than not, price is not the ultimate reason customers choose us. Our quality of service is superior to all competitors and is worth the prices we offer. The quality can be seen with the clearity of the call, all the way to the direct line of the sales rep every customer gets for issues and concerns. We are a big family at Votacall and All Business Communications, as our customer we invite you to experience that family. BEcause you recieve this invite, we treat you right and offer the best price we possibly can. No matter the size of your phone system, from 1 phone to a thousand, we offer the same quality to every customer and pride ourselves on that.

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