The Benefits of Mobility While Using VoIP and the Cloud are Not Discussed Enough!

September 20, 2012

9/20/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- I don't think the benefits of mobility while using VoIP is discussed enough. The ability to go ANYWHERE on this earth and still be connected via the same number as you were at the office is incredible. It offers so much flexibility that some organizations have started to change the way they operate. They have started to let more employees work from home, allowing for employees to be spread out throughout the country. In addition, this strategy reduces the amount of office space needed and inevitably will lower the companies expenses. In this tough economy, it is imperative for organizations to keep costs low.

With the Unified Communications that are available through the Cloud, companies can reduce travel time and expense. They are able to do this because employees can meet over Video Conference, instead of flying across the country just to meet for 2 hours. This eliminates travel expense but also reduces the wasted time employees spend in the airport and on flights, leaving employees to the grit of work all the time. The company saves money and improves productivity, while the employees remain happy because they get to stay home more frequently with their families.

On top of the things discussed above, the VoIP service saves you money by being cheaper, plain and simple. The rate to have the Managed Service is significantly less than the old PBX Systems. The customer pays a small monthly fee and is able to eliminate their own IT Department expenses while having a superior managed service than before. VoIP allows for the best in communications at the lowest price possible, meaning any style or size of business can afford it. It is perfect for the small and medium sized businesses (SMB) because they cannot afford to hire their own IT department; those departments are expenses and strain the cash flow of a SMB. All this said, VoIP is perfect for everyone, commercial or residential, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. Once you have VoIP installed, you will realize the beneficial mobility it offers, both financial and operational, leading to a very successful business.

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