Sometimes Technology is Over Analyzed and Designed: Not VoIP

September 24, 2012

9/24/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- Sometimes people make to many changes and distort an already good technology. For example, Apple changed the maps application on their mobile devices to their own Apple Maps. This is an issue for them, because they had the already very functional Google Maps working on the devices. The change was an attempt to help expand their own brand, but it backfired since all the users are upset about the less effective maps. Because of this switch, Apple has seen a downgrade in ranking of their devices. This move ultimately hurt their product line and image within the technology sector. This could happen much more throughout technology if the industry over analysed products/services.

Imagine if we changed VoIP to a technology that was not quite developed and inevitably hurt the services offered. It could lead to the end of a the VoIP generation, which could hurt an already struggling global economy. VoIP assists with lowering costs for business, while offering them superior services to the other expensive options. Why change a good thing? You may hear that saying a lot, but it honestly makes sense. There is no reason to change a good thing unless the technology is ready to offer better services.

In the case of VoIP and Cloud Communication, it was definitely ready to take over. The old premise-based PBX systems were out dated and far to expensive for companies to remain using. In business, people look for the best offering regarding both service and pricing. VoIP not only helps support large companies within the industry, but also supports the businesses, large or small, that utilize its services. Without the ability to have low communication costs, most small companies would go out of business. In a struggling economy, keeping expenses low is critical to succeed and compete.

Usually, with a cheaper costs comes weaker services and features. However, with VoIP that is not the case. You receive top of the line communication tools, along with a fully managed system that works over the Internet. The Internet allows for the system to never crash, not even during a natural disaster. With these completely reliable services and the low price offerings, VoIP is the best thing for your company. Join the trend soon and stay ahead of your competition.

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