Votacall has the Hosted VoIP Platform, Industry Partnerships and Votacall Customer Experience Necessary to Deliver the Best Communication Experience in the Industry

September 24, 2012

9/24/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- Polycom released a case study about “Hosted VoIP: What does that mean to my business?” All the things they discussed in the case are still relevant today. The general consensus is companies are begining to realize they can chuck their old phone systems in the trash and update to more flexible phone solutions for a fraction of the cost. Polycom is a leading provider of HD Voice Over IP phones and Video Conferencing Systems. They know what it takes to truley deliver better communication services for a small price.

For Hosted VoIP to be worth it, the services must be unmatched by the old premise-based systems. This is true at Votacall, we are able to deliver Managed Service with a guarantee that your phone system will operate as planned. In addition, our operations team will install your system and train your employees how to properly operate it. This reduces the stress and hassle of the customer and imediatley improves productivity because there is no transition period for the user. Hosted VoIP improves efficiency and productrivity on its own, but since we train your employees to master the system immediatley, the production levels will go off the charts.

An owner of a company desires several things from their communication system, operate efficiently while staying hassle free and deliver the needed features. Polycom has the ability to provide the hardware to a Hosted VoIP Provider necessary to deliver those desires. The Votacall platform combines with our partners (Polycom, BroadSoft, Comcast, Cisco, Avaya) hardware to deliver an immediate improvement to your companies communication system. Without these partnerships, our ability to provide you top of the line equipment would be hindered. Thankfully we are able to be in relationships with these industry leaders, giving us a competative advantage over other voip providers.

In addition to the services/features, our Votacall VoIP Customer Experience will prove to the customer we are the best voip provider available. We have a top tier sales team that builds bonds with individual clients. There are several benefits to this, the customer has a direct line to a sales person who they will learn to know by first name. We encourage a friendly personal relationship because we know how negative it would be to call an 800 number every time theres a technical issue with your phones. This 800 number that most companies offer for support gives no guarantee of who your talking to; its likley you will speak with a different representative every time. With Votacall, we build that sales person-customer bond to alow for us to know your system inside and out. This way when you call us with a problem, we are able to diagnose it quickly because we have your file in front of us. We have the ability to cater to any size business, but we are not humoungous in the sense 800 numbers is how we do business. The customer experience we offer is the thing that seperates us from our competitors in the highly saturated industry.

We have been recognized from our partners as the Avaya Business Partner of the Year three times, 2003, 2004 and 2008. This is a high honor given out to only one partner a year. We take this seriously, as we want to deliver the best communication experience possible to our customers. Between the customer experience through our sales team, the Managed Service they will grow to love and the features we offer to improve your companies productivity; our goal is to have you the customer want to stay with us forever. In the end, we hope our customer relationship lasts and allows for your company to benefit by becoming more efficient, while cutting costs at the same time.



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