Votacall's Hosted Call Center Delivers Competitive Advantages

September 25, 2012

9/25/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- The Votacall platform offers many key features that allow for increased productivity for the customer. One such feature is the Call Center, which is necessary nowadays to meet the expectations of your customers. According to Frost & Sullivan "Call centers can lower the cost of their contact handling and workforce optimization infrastructure by up to 43 percent over a five-year period by utilizing cloud-based offerings rather than installing equipment in their own facilities." This is an industry report that states exactly what we try and convey to customers, Cloud Communications can bring your companies success to the next level; you just gotta give it the opportunity.

Here at Votacall, we are constantly trying to be innovative with Hosted VoIP and Cloud Communications. Meaning our product team constantly evaluates and re-develops our service platform in order to deliver the best product service possible to our users. This guarantees that our customers are recieving top of the line products, a product much better than any competition offering. The advantages are significant and cover a broad range of levels.

Most companies might consider financials the most important aspect of business. The Votacall Call Center offers minimal upfront costs and the "pay as you go" model, allows for a small expense that is directly related to the features and options you choose to utilize. This is coupled with reduced maintenance fees and network costs that significantly reduce the Call Center expense. The major difference to other companies Call Centers is what they charge you for, nobody wants to pay for options and features they don't need or even want. Here at Votacall, we absolutely do not stoop to that level. Overall, a Hosted Call Center can be 40% less than a premise-based system.

Th efficient call queuing and call handling you receive from the call center will prove to you the Hosted system was the right choice. The traditional PBX system's job is to queue the calls at the customers location and wait for an available agent. This requires enough trunks for both the active agents and the calls waiting in queue. The benefit of the hosted call center solution is that the call can be queued within the Hosted VoIP Provider's Cloud network, and routed to an agent only when one is free. With this system, you will take advantage of the ease of provisioning and managing multi-site and remote agents by using a single, central queue which routes calls to agents regardless of their physically location.

The scalability and mobility offered is tremendous and allows for your company to adapt to its growing surroundings without stress or hassle. You can change the number of phones by simply buying a new phone and plugging it into a ported phone line within the office. Simply notify your hosted voip provider and they can quickly make the adjustments required. Your employees can travel anywhere with the mobility it offers and have the availability of a Unified Communications package. This includes fully features voice, video, unified messaging and collaboration from any location. The features allow you employees to stay in touch with co-workers and customer from any location and on any device.

The Votacall Call Center offers many benefits that range from financial flexibility to employees mobility. It has the features required to increase your companies productivity and allow for the number of phones to be scaled up or down. The low expense we charged is coupled with the latest in hosted technology. We guarantee that you recieve the best products and services possible through our constant innovation and development. Most importantly, once you become a Votacall customer, all upgrades and enhancements to the platform are passed down to our end-users at no additional charge.

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