More and More People Need to Hear About the Cloud, VoIP and The Benefits

September 25, 2012

9/25/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- Everyday I am amazed at the reports I read about how many people do not understand the Cloud. The numbers are staggering, both for Cloud Computing and Cloud Communications. People just dont understand the concepts of the internet and how it can be used to benefit communications. Data can be stored and sent via the internet, instead of having to be sent over the land lines. This creates a significantly smaller need for infrastructure and could save everyone lots of money.

The internet is a free service that allows Hosted VoIP Providers to charge a minimal price. This new technology has begun to expand throughout the world and will only grow bigger. Everyone needs to adopt this idea and at the very least, gather knowledge about it to stay informed. VoIP is short for Voice Over IP. Essentially, phone communication through the internet. Nowadays everyone uses the internet for almost all facets of communication, why should we not use it for one of the most used types, the telephone. The benefits are through the roof, meaning all the people who dont know about the Cloud are missing out on pure opportunity.

Opportunity is the name of the game. Therefore everyone should hear about the Cloud and be offered the chance to learn what it really means. With VoIP, many companies could become far more successful by becoming more efficicient and cutting costs. Without the opportunity to adopt this pioneering idea, business could suffer because of old, clunky and expensive premise based phone systems that do not adequatley function.

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