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Why Business VoIP Makes Perfect Sense for Temp Hires

February 3, 2017

VoIPWhen it comes to onboarding new staff, there are many steps in the process such as assigning emails, signing documents, allocating workstations, and so on. However, one aspect in particular is usually the most difficult: setting up each new hire’s telephone.

And when the new hire is a temporary employee – which often means that they will be moving around from desk to desk, office to office, and perhaps even location to location – the matter of setting up their telephone is even more complex; and usually costlier as well. Fortunately, this is where business VoIP makes perfect sense! Here are the key reasons why:

1. Assign a New Extension in Minutes

With business VoIP, there is no need to call the phone company and have them install a new line. Instead, businesses simply and rapidly assign their temp hire an extension, and then forward it to an app on their smartphone -- either their personal device, or corporately-supplied.

Literally within minutes, the new temp hire can use the VoIP system to send and receive calls. And since everything is accessed through their smartphone, there is no issue or obstacle if they need to move around the office, or head off-site to another location. The wireless VoIP system goes where they go.

At the same time – and just as importantly – callers who dial into the temp hire’s extension do not perceive that they are calling a smartphone. As far as they are concerned, they are calling a normal office number. This is particularly important if temp hires are working remotely. All team members – temps and permanent staff alike -- are connected by the same business VoIP system, regardless of where they are located.

2. Set Up Hoteling

Businesses can also install a “community VoIP” phone in their environment. Temp hires along with all other authorized system users simply log into the system using their specified credentials, and start making/receiving calls.

In addition to being extremely convenient, the hoteling capacity of business VoIP can lead to major cost savings, since not all temp hires – and other employees – need to have their own VoIP phone. They simply use the system when needed, such as to make video conference calls. Plus, temps/employees do not need to move their phones around when they switch desks, which saves both time and money.

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