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Hosted VoIP Offers Mobility That Improves the Whole Organization

March 25, 2013

3/25/2013- Votacall Hosted VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- I recently went on vacation in Mexico and found myself constantly being reminded of the importance of a reliable and mobile phone system. Its hard enough to stay connected with your office on vacation without having the proper phone system. I kept thinking about how a hosted voip system would improve everyone's ability to stay connected while on vacation in case of an emergency. The real strength of the system comes from its mobility and ability to have calls forwarded to a cell phone or mobile device. Most companies don't understand the limitations their current telecom system imposes onto their everyday operations. However, once they choose to make a switch to Hosted VoIP, they realize the added benefits.

A hosted voip system gives employees the ability to forward their office number to a mobile device. Certain employees insist on staying connected while on vacation while others do not. For the latter, they can use the voice-mail system that operates traditionally but adds additional special features. The system sends an email message to your inbox with a transcript of what the message was about. This gives a user better flexibility because they can know exactly what the call was about before responding to it. While on vacation, this gives the user the ability to know if a voice-mail message is worth responding too while they sit in the sun on a Caribbean island. I find this tool valuable, because I don't want to respond to every voice-mail while i'm in paradise on vacation, especially if they are not critical to my companies success.

This could become far more important for top-level executives or entrepreneurs who always need to be in connection with their business. Executives usually want to be within the decision making process, but want to be left out of the minuscule processes. The Voice-mail feature allows for this all to work seamlessly as executives can screen calls via their email. This service almost works as a remote secretary transcripting a brief message that can be read without the need to call your voice-mail box.

Sometimes you are not in a position where calling your VM is acceptable or practical. For example, you are sitting in an office with possible customers and other executives trying to hammer out a new contract; the selling point being customer service, respect and business awareness. If you were to take out your phone and listen to voice-mails mid meeting, it would be highly unlikely for the contract to get done because they want to be treated with respect. However, if you were to open your phone and quickly glance at an email of a VM transcript, that would be far more respectable. The whole idea is flexibility, whether you are in a meeting with probable customers, or on vacation in paradise.

Hosted VoIP delivers the best mobility to users and allows them to stay connected like never before. Businesses will start to see efficiency improve as communication gets better through all parts of the organization. The whole business will see improvements as a telecom system is at the root of all operations. Without a strong phone system, a business might not be successful. Therefore, why would a company not make the decision to switch to a Hosted VoIP system? It seems rather easy to me, switch from premise to hosted and watch your company flourish!

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